The Mobility For All Foundation (Dutch initials MVI) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to financing, acquiring and efficiently running means of transport for bringing outpatients to daycare centres, with special emphasis on the needs of elderly people with reduced mobility. To be able to meet other people and enjoy a social life, these patients depend on special buses to take them to the day centre. These buses are currently under threat.

Our primary goal is to combat loneliness. If the special buses are no longer provided, centres may have to close or see their numbers reduced, and this would mean that elderly people are at risk of becoming socially isolated. This problem has been identified by politicians and recognised nationally. In some cases, we also help institutions that care for children or adults with reduced mobility.

The MVI Foundation offers free bus services to care centres. These vital buses are used on a daily basis by different regional centres to provide transport for an increasing number of vulnerable, dependent individuals who would not otherwise be able to continue taking part in social activities.

The care group 'Zorggroep Archipel' in Eindhoven is one of the institutions which is working with the MVI Foundation to procure a new bus for transport to care centres. Due above all to recent legal changes, Archipel has had to work with the Foundation to organise suitable transport for people so that it can continue offering activities for them in these day centres.