Keeping the memory alive

The way in which we commemorate our loved ones is constantly changing. We are increasingly looking for a personal memory. One that knows how to reflect the details of a loved one's way of life, and one that is in line with the way we want to remember our relatives. Funeral Products helps with that.

A memento that feels good, that fits the spirit of the times and that knows how to characterise a loved one like no other. Innovation is central to this. To be able to respond optimally to the changing needs of the market, we listen, think along and work closely with the profession. Constantly looking for new techniques, materials, and possibilities to keep that special memory alive.

Attention to the world around us is paramount in everything we do. This starts with a conscious purchasing policy, the use of mostly natural processes and pure raw materials, and our choice of suppliers. Involved partners who invest in the highest possible quality. Suppliers who care about their employees, who protect local production environments and work according to environmental guidelines.

Our involvement can also be found within the business processes of the organization. From reusing packaging materials and combining orders to minimize the number of transport kilometres, to simply printing fewer e mails. Working meaningfully and responsibly, with an eye for all human aspects within and outside the organization, from raw material to the transfer to the loved ones.

In addition, we not only look critically at our own role in the world, but we like to go the extra mile. We support many local, national, and global social initiatives and support them in various ways and with several means. With this, we hope to make the world just a little better and more beautiful.