The following Declaration of Confidentiality applies to all website visits, transactions and agreements with Funeral Products B.V., Registration No. 17182375, Industrieweg 10, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Basis of personal data processing

Funeral Products B.V. processes your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Dutch General Regulation on Data Protection. Pursuant to this Regulation, we may have recourse to (any of) the following principles:

• The consent of the person concerned (newsletters, agreements)
• The requirement to execute an agreement
• Necessary for compliance with our legal obligations
• Safeguarding legitimate interests (processing the agreement / personnel administration)

Purpose of processing

Funeral Products B.V. processes your personal data for:

• executing agreements, transactions and services
• managing customer relations
• newsletters
• developing goods and services
• administrative procedures
• defining strategy and policy
• personnel administration
• contracting procedure
• offers

Funeral Products B.V. processes the personal data required for executing an agreement. These data are collected pursuant to an agreement, or you have already supplied them pursuant to a previous agreement. We may send you an order confirmation, invoice and, if necessary, a warning or an injunction. When you place an order with us, you also authorise us to use the personal data you have supplied for accounting purposes. Without this processing, we cannot provide service to you.

Any person may subscribe to receive our newsletter, which we will send regularly be email. These newsletters contain hidden codes that enable us to know the number of readers and the areas they look at. We record nothing by name and only use general information with a view to improving our newsletter. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do so easily via the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

During your visits to our website, we will not collect any personal data without your consent. We do record data not containing personal information in order to know how our website is used (cookies). 

Giving personal data 

Funeral Products B.V. needs your personal data for administrative purposes, for contacting you in compliance with our obligations arising from any agreements, and for saving correspondence details.

In the event that you do not give us any personal data, Funeral Products B.V. will not be able to carry out its work and we will not be able to provide service to you. Therefore, giving us your personal data is a prerequisite for being able to execute agreements with Funeral Products B.V.

Funeral Products B.V. also uses your data to contact you regarding your order/booking, and for providing you with any other information of potential interest to you; satisfaction, modifications, offers (unless you have informed us that you do not wish to receive offers or similar).

Recipients of personal data 

Funeral Products B.V. processes your data in a database that Funeral Products B.V. uses solely for processing and developing its goods and services. The database is appropriately secure in accordance with European standards. A limited portion of personal data is passed on to third parties for provision of our services and compliance with the agreement executed.

Agreements (regarding processing) are executed with the “third parties” that Funeral Products B.V. uses for provision of its services.

Disclosure to third parties

Your personal data are not disclosed to third parties without your express consent, unless essential for executing an agreement, providing a specific service or when required by law. Your personal data shall never be passed on to third parties outside the EU.

Data storage

We will store your data for the time necessary to process our agreement and, thereafter, in accordance with the legal timescales for being kept on our files.

The data relating to newsletters shall be kept on file, provided that you have given your consent. As soon as you cancel your subscription, we will delete your data. We will only keep your data on file for the time strictly necessary. 

In the event of applying for a job, we will only keep your personal data on file for the time required for the contracting procedure. If no employment relationship results, we will delete your data or request your consent for keeping them on file for a further period of time.

Data security

Funeral Products B.V. uses the appropriate security procedures for protection of the data processed, among other procedures for preventing unauthorised access to these data. To this end, Funeral Products B.V. uses an SSL security certificate.

For its website, Funeral Products B.V. uses an Internet provider based in The Netherlands. This provider’s servers are properly secure and personal data are also protected pursuant to prevailing security regulations.

Social Media Button 

This website contains social media buttons of (fill in). When a social media button is clicked, cookies are placed. The privacy regulations of the specific platform apply to this link and not this privacy statement. Funeral Products cannot guarantee that these third parties handle your data in a secure manner. You can read on the relevant platform how they handle your privacy.


Funeral Products B.V. uses 2 types of cookies on its website:

• Functional cookies: the main aim of these cookies is to save you time and effort. For example, if you adjust your settings for a website to your personal preferences, or browse a website, cookies will recall your settings and preferences for future visits. When you revisit the website, the cookies will retrieve the previous data and this enables you to use the different website options with the pre-established settings.

• Google Analytics cookies: by means of these cookies, Funeral Products B.V. obtains information about use of its website. The information obtained is analysed by Google for us, and user confidentiality is guaranteed. These data allow us to improve our website and user experience. Google is a North American company that stores data in servers located in the USA, thus complying with the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield.

At Funeral Products B.V., cookies are automatically accepted, but users can modify their browser settings so as not to accept them. If you choose not to accept cookies, you may not be able to use all the interactive options of its website or of other websites you visit.

Links to other websites 

Our website contains links to other websites. Funeral Products B.V. accepts no responsibility for the confidentiality policies of these other websites. We refer you to the declaration of confidentiality of the website concerned.

Obligation to report data violations 

In the event of any data violation, Funeral Products B.V. shall immediately report it to their ITC manager, who will then report it to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens body in accordance with the VGA (Dutch Data Protection law). Data violation is a violation of personal data security (hacking). All affected parties shall be informed of the violation and resulting risk.

Rights of access, correction, deletion and opposition

You may request access to the data stored by Funeral Products B.V., and to correct, complete or delete such data, by sending an email to [email protected]. On receipt of your request, we will check that it complies with legal regulations before deleting your data. You may oppose processing of your data or revoke your consent to same. Funeral Products B.V. will study your objection or revocation, i.e. it will check that it does not jeopardise the purpose of processing.

If you wish to file any complaint regarding your personal data processing, go to 

Automated decision-making 

Funeral Products B.V. uses automated decision-making to check customer solvency. We may investigate solvency before undertaking any work. In the event of a negative outcome, Funeral Products B.V. may decide not to enter any agreement, or terminate an existing one. In the event of uncertain soundness, it may elect to undertake work piecemeal, with payment in advance as a prior condition.


This privacy statement may be changed from time to time. The most current version can be viewed on this website at all times.