6 minutes. So what is 6 minutes? It is the time for a fairytale ride on the ‘Droomvlucht’ in the Efteling. A train journey from Amsterdam Central to Sloterdijk station, and and the duration of Bohemian Rhapsody. But it is especially time that is crucial in a cardiac arrest, stroke or heart attack. Because by starting CPR and/or deploying an AED within that paltry 6 minutes, the chances of survival are significantly increased.

In the Netherlands, there are around 1.5 million people with chronic cardiovascular disease. If we do not act, half a million heart patients will be added in the next 10 years. Founded in 1964, the Heart Foundation aims to outsmart cardiovascular disease in the future and stop its growth.

Heart for the Cause

One of the ways to support the Heart Foundation in its life-saving work is the Heart for the Cause partnership. “Companies kill a lot of birds with one stone by doing this,” says relationship manager Tessa Tertsch. “Indeed, on the one hand, companies are asserting their social commitment. They also show that they want the best for their employees, support them in this and create internal awareness. And as a partner, you can even actually save lives.”

What exactly does Heart for the Cause do?

With a monthly investment of around € 300, as a Heart for the Cause partner you will help keep even more hearts healthy and strong, while inspiring your employees to take good care of their hearts. With a smoke-free work environment and an employee vitality package, for example, with education and events for a heart-healthy lifestyle. With the Personal Health Check and blood pressure meters or on-site blood pressure readings, encouraging employees to learn about their heart and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease. But also with a CPR course for employees and an AED at the company premises, so as citizen responders, they can provide quick assistance when every minute counts.









Still 39% to go

“Certainly the latter is important,” Tessa continues her story. “Currently, 61% of the Netherlands is a covered 6-minute zone. That means that in almost two-thirds of the country, proper cardiac arrest assistance can be provided within those six minutes. For example, in that part of the country, there is an active call system, where after calling 112 through the national CPR call system HartslagNu, messages are automatically sent to people who can resuscitate and are in the vicinity of the victim, the so-called ‘citizen responders’. And are there enough AEDs available and, most importantly, accessible. After all, an AED hanging in the hall of a company or inside the gates of a business premises is of no use outside office hours.

Everyone a healthy heart

“That is the Heart Foundation’s dream. So for more than 55 years, we have invested in research and innovations in prevention and care. But just as important, we believe it is to help Dutch people know their hearts and take good care of their hearts. In this way, we prevent people from becoming heart patients and/or unnecessarily (over)suffering from heart disease,” Tessa said.

How can you support the Heart Foundation?

Become a partner of Heart for the Cause and decide where your donation goes, and of course, any new citizen first responders are also more than welcome, as are AEDs. So do you have a heart for the cause? Find out how you can join and contribute at the hartstichting.nl/hartvoordezaak, because everyone in the world has the right to a healthy heart.