Global Products Group

The world around us is changing at a rapid pace and making many waves. And while it may frighten many others, it actually motivates us to tackle our role, making us stronger than ever. As Global Products Group, we therefore take responsibility, we want to add value and work towards a better world. A world free from discrimination and injustice, and where people live consciously with consideration for humanity, animals and nature. In this issue, you will find our story and motivation. Intended to inspire others to do the same, within their own space and resources of course. So that together we can successfully expand the proverbial oil slick and make the world just a little bit better, healthier, more beautiful and sustainable.

Funeral Products is, together with Atlantis Memorials and Funeral Projects, part of the holding company ‘the Global Products Group’. Not just recently, but since the very first day that Funeral Products was operational within the funeral industry. A company structure that was consciously chosen at the time. This way, the three well-known companies retain their own and unique corporate character, product range and image. But all with the same company values, strategy and culture. 

Tangible Sustainable Policy

One general starting point with the Global Products Group as the roof, the three companies as the walls and a sustainable policy as their foundation. Through this principal we can shape all our standards and commitment in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. A sustainable policy, which is officially certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder at level 3!

Our story

Of course, this issue is not about us, but about the world around us, and we want to take responsibility in this. With the products we supply, the projects we realise and the initiatives we support. But especially with our people, working at the three companies that collectively operate under the banner ‘Global Products Group’:

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