Of course, it is easy to exclaim that you are being responsible as a company. That you are mindful of our planet and the people and animals that live on it, that your sustainability policy goes beyond double-sided printing and waste separation. We prefer to make what we promise concretely visible.

The how, what and why of CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a term has different definitions, however, they are always basically the same. We have chosen to adopt the definition of both CSR Netherlands and the Social and Economic Council (SEC):


Consciously focusing on value creation in the elements People (humanity), Planet (environment) and Profit (society) and thereby adding long-term value to social prosperity.’


Targeted tools

This definition is the basis of the Global Products Group’s CSR policy, or how we deal with business processes that have a social or environmental impact. The policy is implemented and ensured through the ‘Deming circle’. This quality circle gives us the tools to operate with a focus on both results and continuous improvement. This by means of the four activities: Plan, Do, Check and Act.

This circle is continuously rotated. There are always activities that can be further optimised: the principle of continuous improvement.


Deming Cirkel

CSR certification: A tangible, sustainable policy

We are proud to announce that our CSR policy is officially certificed by the CSR Performance Ladder certification, in line with the requirements of performance level 3! What this process to certification looks like can be found right here.

What does that mean for you as customer? With the CSR certificate we can demonstrate a concrete sustainable policy, a policy independently audited by certification agency DNV. The certification provides insight and removes any doubts or questions regarding our CSR.

As customer of Funeral Products, Funeral Projects and/or Atlantis Memorials you can trust on a collaboration in a sustainable and responsible matter. So you can focus on what is important: helping families in their search for a lasting and responsible memorial item.