Every beginning is difficult. The preparations and groundwork to register for certification for our companies took two years. Activities, work and agreements needed to be documented to provide a solid foundation towards a management system according to the CSR Performance Ladder. This was achieved in 2022.

Core values as a common thread. The business principles of the Global Products Group and its underlying organisations stem from the ideas of owner Peter Biemans. Core values that form the common thread from day one and are woven into the corporate culture. Despite these being clear within the organisation, it was important to actually identify, describe and document them. We were also able to tick this off in 2022.


1. No poverty

•   Ensure customer privacy







Customer data is very sensitive. We realise that information regarding our clients needs to be handled securely. In 2022, we updated the privacy statements of our underlying companies so that they are once again complete and up to date. The Privacy Statement explains in detail how personal data is handled and processed, all in accordance with the legal bases of the AVG. Global Products Group’s websites on which purchases can be made have an SSL certificate. This digital certificate guarantees that transactions on the website are secure.


8. Decent work and economic growth

•   Establish policy regarding child labour

•   Establish policy regarding forced and compulsory labour

•   Support for social initiatives

•   40% of suppliers of organic products are GreenLeave certified






Child labour, a term that almost naturally evokes resistance. According to Amnesty International, we speak of child labour when children who are too young perform dangerous, unhealthy or forced work. Or when work robs their time and right to education. Important in this is to note that there is a difference between child labour and so-called ‘child work’, where children from a certain minimum age are allowed to do light and safe work, as long as the number of hours does not limit their schooling. Perhaps unimaginable at first, but in several countries, it is only common to contribute to family maintenance at the age of 15. This is as long as it is done under the aforementioned preconditions.

The same applies to modern slavery: forced labour in poor, inhuman conditions for little or no pay. Practices diametrically opposed to the Global Products Group’s motives.

To eliminate both from our chain, in 2022 we drafted and established the Code of Conduct and the Modern Slavery Statement, which reflect the Global Products Group policy regarding these aspects. We will share these documents with our suppliers in the future so that our corporate network is aware of the Global Products Group’s code of conduct. By signing these documents, we can ensure that our suppliers and/or partners operate ethically.

Social commitment is at the heart of the Global Products Group. We firmly believe that good deeds have a positive ripple effect. We thus contribute our bit to various initiatives, whether they have a regional, national or global orientation. This support comes in different forms. Simply financially, but also through support services or by offering foundations a platform where they can showcase their great actions, campaigns and ideas to the rest of our business network.

We also provided them with the necessary support in 2022, and this trend will continue unabated in the coming years. Which social initiatives the Global Products Group supports, among other things, can be found in this edition of the CSR annual report.

By 2022, the Global Products Group had 25 different suppliers, including five providers of organic products. The collections of 2 of these suppliers have gone through the certification process, representing 40%. In total, 60% of the 35 products are currently GreenLeave labelled and marked as fully biodegradable. Several products were added to the collection in 2022, which have not yet been tested against the GreenLeave sustainability criteria. Of course, this is on the cards.

GreenLeave is a consortium of Dutch funeral directors committed to making sustainable funerals easier and more accessible. An average funeral is very taxing on the environment. With the aim of making funerals more sustainable, GreenLeave assesses products and services based on various criteria. Items or activities judged to be ‘sustainable’ are given the GreenLeave seal of approval.


11. Sustainable cities and communities

•   50% of suppliers are localised within Europe







Global Products Group believes it is important to make a positive contribution to both the local economy and the community. To maintain better control over the supply of products and services, we aim to have suppliers close to home, provided the quality and prices are market-based. This keeps delivery times shorter, transport emissions lower and, in doing so, we support the local economy.

By 2022, the Global Products Group has set a target of working with at least 50% European suppliers. At the end of last year, the various Global Products Group companies together had 25 different suppliers, 17 of which are localised within Europe. As of 2022, there are 68% European suppliers within the Global Products Group.


16. Peace, justice and strong institutions

•   Establish policy around environmental impacts of suppliers






As a company, Global Products Group recognises its responsibility to protect the environment. This on behalf of our stakeholders, customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. Within continuous environmental improvement, we depend on the commitment and engagement of our business partners. We expect our suppliers to actively participate in our environmental policy.

To ensure this, the Global Products Group drafted and laid down an environmental policy in the Suppliers Environmental Code in 2022. In the future, we will share this document with all our suppliers so that together we can continue to improve our knowledge in sustainable production methods and continuously strengthen our environmental policy.