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Review AH 131.13 Ash pendant

AH 131.13 Ash pendant

limited available
The memorial jewellery of Atlantis Memorials are mainly crafted by hand, as most pendants and charms are detailed and have distinctive shapes. Therefore, this jewellery has a perfect finish, making it not immediately recognisable as an ash holder. Also, the pendant or charm is not attached to the necklace but is part of the jewellery itself to ensure durability and safety.
Atlantis Memorials jewellery is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. This means that at least 92.5% of the jewellery consists of silver. The remaining 7.5% consists of an alloy of other metals to add solidity to the jewellery.
This ash pendant, in the shape of a heart, is the perfect piece of jewellery to show love for your beloved. The ash pendant features openings on both sides, allowing it to hang directly from the chain. There is room for a symbolic amount of ashes. For this reason, it is often combined with an urn. This enables you to keep your loved one close, at home, and while you travel. Atlantis Memorials jewellery is also available in yellow and white gold. The lead time for gold jewellery is approximately 6 weeks.
4-5 working days
Capacity Symbolic amount
Height 1.3 Centimetres
Width 1.2 Centimetres
Thickness 0.7 Centimetres
Weight 5 Gram
Finishing Glossy
Duo product No
Customisable Yes
Accessoiries Necklace excluded
Filling Instructions