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Review BU 511 S Bamboo Small Scattering urn

BU 511 S Bamboo Small Scattering urn

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The Eco Scattering™ urn is the new, environmentally friendly way to scatter the ashes of a loved one. The urn is made entirely of bamboo, a sustainable material, which makes the product completely biodegradable. Bamboo is also a very strong material, because of this the process of decay of the urn will only start after it is placed in the earth or outside.
Additionally, the Eco Scattering™ urn is equipped with a unique closing mechanism, making the urn especially suitable for scattering ashes. Using the locking pin system the ashes are kept safe when you are on the way to the scattering location. This method also makes it possible to scatter the ashes in parts, making it possible to scatter them at multiple locations and moments, or keeping a portion of the ashes.
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Capacity 0,60 Litres
Height 25 Centimetres
Weight 0,1 Kilograms
Suitable for outside use No
Duo urn No