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HU 293 Metal urn Raku

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The metal urns from Funeral Products are manufactured in India. Here, experienced, local craftsmen with a lot of dedication and passion manufacture the memorial items from brass, aluminium and other high-quality materials. Completely free of any harmful substances. The quality products are characterised by their sublime design and finish, with attention to detail.
Every urn is produced here with care for people and their environment, without compromising on quality or design. The end result is a high-quality, and above all, honest product. Produced with love and care.
4-5 working days
Capacity 3.20 Litre
Height 27.0 Centimetres
Weight 15.5 Centimetres
Suitable for outside use 15.5 Centimetres
Duo urn 1.0 Kilogram
Filling Instructions