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BU 302 Bio urn Samsara

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All Bio urns are handmade from natural organic materials, so they are totally biodegradable. The manufacturer uses only natural vegetable or mineral raw materials, so the ashes are returned to nature in a way that is symbolic and environmentally friendly.
The Samsara urn is entirely made from a blend of sand and vegetable materials. Because it is made from natural materials, it is ideal for burial so that ashes are released back into the soil. These same properties also make it suitable for being cast into the ocean.
4-5 working days
Capacity 3.00 Litre
Height 20.0 Centimetres
Width 22.5 Centimetres
Depth 22.5 Centimetres
Weight 3.6 Kilogram
Colour Dark brown
Finishing Matt
Suitable for Outdoor
Duo product No
Customisable No
Accessoiries Bio ash bag
Filling Instructions