Sieben Design

A new perspective on remembrance wrapped in Dutch Design. Years of expertise in steel projects laid the groundwork for crafting urns using various steel varieties as a base. Inspired by a planter-shaped sculpture, the concept of creating an urn was sparked. This idea gradually evolved into an urn with a foundation comprising all kinds of steel. The urn is designed and produced in the Netherlands, but above all, it was developed with a sense of gratefulness - a way of thinking and working that fully aligns with the norms and values of Funeral Products.

Dutch specialist

Sieben Design is a Dutch expert in steel, consistently staying abreast of the latest advancements. Following their exploration of the funeral industry, the creative minds at Sieben naturally sprang into action. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to commemorate in their own way.

Steel offers unparalleled durability, flexibility, and environmental friendliness, making it an essential material for a wide range of possibilities. The downside is that steel sometimes has a 'cold' appearance, so Sieben has chosen to coat the ash holders with various coloured coatings.

Personalised steel urn

As the urns can be decorated with a plant or a candle and are offered in various colours, each piece becomes uniquely personal. The holders for outdoor use can be filled at the top with, for example, a plant or light source. The urn is primarily developed as a stylish commemorative object for indoors or outdoors.